Boys Will be Girls!

I love being a woman, and it turns out a lot of you naughty boys enjoy being one too! You’d be amazed how many sissies join me on my weekly West End shopping trips, and my goodness they take it all very seriously indeed. 

The action starts in my hotel room. I usually invite three or four of my special ladies to arrive promptly at 11am. My god, they are like a bunch of excited schoolgirls giggling at the door. They just can’t wait to turn themselves from a bunch of middle aged blokes into four hot chicks. Believe me, by the time I’ve finished with them, they look amazing and could pass any sex test apart from the, ahem, main one. Though even here their “tucking” skills are amazing – unless you really try hard, there’s not a cock to be found!

We spend at least two hours getting ready for our little trip. My girls love to open a bottle or two of Prosecco and talk about boys and clothes. Meanwhile Mistress A does their make-up one at a time.  I always insist the bring their own and they have tons of it and only the best. Mac, Charlotte Tilbury, Channel. These girls are real pros! It takes quite a while to get rid of the stubbly beards and manly chins, but I weave my magic and it works every time.

120 minutes later and we girls are out of the town. Let me introduce my beautiful blonde Annabelle, brunette Roberta, red-haired Kate, and Danielle, the Raven. No, she’s not a big black bird..just dark-haired.

It makes my heart sing to see these guys turn into such confident gals! We just have to take that first step into River Island and all hell breaks lose. The girls go mad. They are tugging size 18s and 20s off the shelves like dogs at a food recycling centre. The noise made by their collective high heels is defening! 

By the time we’ve staggered to Zara, I’m knackered but my gaggle of gorgeous girls are still going strong . Where do they get their energy? I think they’re running on pure adrenaline!

It’s time for mistess to bring some discipline into this. I want my fucking dinner ladies, I scream! So loud the poor checkout girl farts in terror!

Yes mistress my little birds chirp in unison. With that we’re off to Hawksmoor for steaks! These guys need an injection of red blood and bone marrow!

Despite all the hard work, shopping, my carefully crafted makeup has stayed in place under those hot wigs. Only one waitress notices that these ladies night have a bit too much testosterone, but that’s one person the whole afternoon who thought these beautiful she’s might be he’s ! My work is done!

Spanks bulging and bras popping from all that delicious food, we head back to the hotel for the de-womanising session . Make-up expertly removed and clothes folded away. Danielle let’s out a small cry when she removes her tucking gear (thick black tape and an old sock!). The tape tears out a few hairs. Never mind Dan, less to wax next time! 

They boys all pay up pronto and they’re gone. Back to their wives and girlfriends! 

What about Mistress. Just time for a quick bath, leggings and t-shirt on and then it’s back to Zara to buy that gorgeous black coat! Thanks my lovely girlies! 

I love my work. Please come and join me on my next trip. But hurry…. They’re very popular! Xxxx
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