Athena in Athens

Hello slaves and wretches. Guess where I’ve just been? Home to Greece. First time in ages. It seems even Greek men are partial to a whipped butt and a bung in the bum!
I got a call from a guy called Dmitri. Mistress he begged, why do you never come to your home town? I told him to stop whining and tell me what he wanted. I’ll sail back to Athens any time if the price is right.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, here I was in a lovely suite in the Hotel Grande Bretagne polishing my favourite stainless steel butt plug and buffing up my PVC knickers.
Dmitri almost came in his pants when he saw me after I answered the door. Luckily for him he held on to his load and told me he was determined to enjoy his two hours with me. 
“Enjoy it. Fuck that slave. Get on your fucking knees,” I shouted at him.  Bloody cheek presuming he was going to have a good time.  This was about pain and discpline.
“Hold out your hands Greek boy,” I yelled, before quickly cuffing him to the lovely antique desk near the door. He eyes indicated that he had suddenly realised he was in trouble now. The dirty little wretch had an erection so I kicked him in the balls. It soon disappeared in a shout of pain.
I ordered him onto all fours. His ball sack looked all whithered, like an old pig. His cock was hard again though and he begged me to play with it.  Not a chance in hell Dmitri I told him.  Mistress does not do that.
I grabbed the steel dildo and teased his butthole with it. He gasped with expectation and excitement.He told me he was going to cum. No chance, not yet. I kicked him in his nuts again and he shouted in pain. Fuck you Mistress, he yelled, so I kicked him again.
Then i started to shove my lovely steel dildo up his butt. It went in very easily.  He obviously uses this hole a lot, and not just for pooing. He’s had a lot of cock up there I suspect.
Now he was gasping. I gagged him with his own boxers to stop him alerting room service. I moved this steel cock in and out. It was deep in his ass and he fucking loved it. Dirty little whore boy.
Then I got out my rubber bands and tied his balls really tight.  They quickly swelled up. His ball bag looked like a giant peach. I squeezed them tight. Dmitri whimpered through his undies asking me to finish him off. I think he meant sexually and not with a sword, but who knows!
His balls were getting more and more swollen and his cock was as hard as rock. I swivelled the steel dick in to the hilt. All that was visible was the ruby red stone on the end. Poor Dmitri. I almost felt sorry for him. Almost.
He stayed trussed up like a chicken for an hour and a half.  Ocassionally I would move the dildo up and down. I slapped his bum cheeks until they went almost purple and then I slapped his face over and over again.Dear reader he had asked for all this. This was his pleasure.. You guys…
Finally I released his handcuffed arm and within seconds his hand was on his dick, pumping his throbbing cock like a pneumatic drill. I think it took about ten seconds wanking himself at Mach 10 before he came all over the fucking place. Spunk shot out across the shagpile carpets for what seemed like forever. Dmitri was done, dead.
Once he’d showered, we chatted about his experience. It was nice to talk Greek for the first time in forever. He’s asked me to go back again and of course I will. I’m always ready to travel for my slaves, as long as they foot the bill. I’m expensive but I’m worth it.

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