Pain in the balls

Whenever I meet a guy, and the talk turns to their balls, they instinctively grab hold of them protectively and moan about the terrible pain they endure even if a tiny bird feather lands on them.

Childbirth has nothing on the pain they feel when their precious nutsack is injured, they whinge. 

Ok fellas, if that is the case, why the fuck do I have a queue of slaves booking me to stick my Number 6.5 heels into their sweaty little scrotes?  Today has been a case in point. One of my gorgeous BDSM regulars, Barry, texted me and asked whether I’d tie him to my cross and kick his family jewels for 30 minutes!  Being the caring Mistress I am, I asked him to think seriously about this. These particular sessions were not for the feint hearted, I told him.

Normally he’s a nipple clamp and butt plug fan. Once a month he also splashes out on a little water sports, but this would be swimming to a whole new level above gold!  But despite my warnings, Barry insisted. He’d seen somebody mention ball booting on my Twitter feed and wanted to give it a go. 

So at High Noon today, I lashed Baz to the crucifix and began the session. I think I looked rather gorgeous in PVC bra and knickers and some very sheer stockings and seriously tall heels from my fave fetish shop, Honour! Poor Barry had a huge hard on as I delivered the first little taps on his grizzly gonads. He winced in pain with just these first few ballet steps.

Fuck knows what was going to happen when I took my first run up! Well, in for a penny in for a pound – as you folks say in England! I gave Barry’s quivering sweetmeats a huge kick! He screamed in horror and pain! I felt so bad, I almost felt sorry for him.. almost! I thought that would be it, but you have to hand it to brave Barry, he asked for another kick through his tear-stained eyes! Whack, whack! I delivered him a couple more kicks worthy of David Beckham in his prime! His knees buckled and he begged me to stop. But as I untied him, thinking he would be a happy man to escape the pain, he asked me for another kick.

With that, I kneed him right between the legs! He screamed but something incredible happened. Barry shot his load completely without assistance! I’ve never seen that happen before. So despite all that agony, Baz is now a covert to ball torture! Can you believe he’s booked me next week to stamp on his bellend with my sharpest heels! You men!!

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