Sweet Child of Mine

Hi Slaves! I’m just back from the Big Apple. A fabby weekend spent basically¬†spending all your hard-earned money! Thanks so much!
Ironically, I met two of my favourite clients in New York and one I actually knicknamed Big Albert. He’s a truly stunning example of a man. 6ft 2In, eyes of blue, and a body to die for, and yet when he comes to Mistress A he wants to be a great big baby. He’s the most adorable baba, although his infant image is somewhat tarnished by the giant Prince Albert cock ring he’s had inserted since the last time we met!
The ring is solid gold and between you and me looks bloody painful, but Albert swears by his piercing. Claims he can hang longer when he’s bumming his boyfriend – and the boyf is yelling in pain and pleasure.
He’s basically a very naughty baby and I was ready for him. He entered the bathroom the stud he is, complete with ridiculous six-pack, and came out as baby Albie. Complete with his new nappy, donated by Mistress from my specialist suppliers in the north of England. Within seconds the little tyke was rolling on the hotel carpet demanding his feed.
“Mummy’s here,” I purred, “puree Apple and Pork for my baby.” I cracked open the Heinz bottle and shoved it into the starving babe’s open mouth. He laughted with pleasure. I was almost convinced he was my long lost baby until I looked down, and this naughty infant had a massive hard on, his nappy was bulging and the huge safety pin was threatening to give way and take my eye out!
The happy baby gurgled his approval. But then it all changed, when his face took on a puzzled look, and I knew baby Albie was pissing his nappy. The filthy little sod. I smacked him hard on his face, once, twice, three times. Albie laughted out loud, so I kicked him in his infant bollocks! That took the smile off his face! 
I tore off his nappy, and then smacked his sweaty little bottom. “Bad boy Alfie”, “you are a bad little baby.” Alfie looked genuinely sorry. His cheeks redened – both sets!
But I had to prove who was the mummy, so took out my leather belt and whacked him hard again and again. Albie sobbed for mercy – but of course Albert was enjoying every minute of Mistress’ attention.¬†
In what was an unlikely act for a real baby, little Albie grabbed his cock and started pumping away. “I’m such a bad boy mummy,” he yelled as he wanked. Dirty little sod Albie I shouted, whacking his red, pissy bum with my belt. Moments later baby Albie shot his bolt. There was an a awful lot of it! I popped my rubber gloves on and cleaned the poor infant up. He’s not such a bad kid really.
Ten minutes later my manly Adonis Albert was back in the room and paying me handsomly for his time. What a great evening.

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