Taking The Piss

I’ve always been a big fan of watersports. Growing up next to a beautiful beach in Greece meant I was always splashing about in the sea. As a schoolgirl I represented my college at windsurfing and waterskiing. It’s safe to say, in another era I would have been Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon, the God of the sea.Now of course my work doesn’t give me the chance to muck around in the briny too much, apart from the occasional beach holiday funded by a generous but lowly slave. However, I am still proud to say I have a keen interest in watersports and thankfully many of my clients do too!There isn’t a day goes by without someone wanting me to show off my sporting prowess.However, there is one wonderful little wretch that adores my chosen sport more than anyone. To protect his blushes, I’ll just call him Pissy Pete. PP has been coming to me for the last 18 months. He is a doctor at a big London hospital and whenever he finds the stress too much he emails Mistress A.The moment PP’s message arrives, I start glugging a litre or two of water. I need to be full fuelled and ready by the time he arrives. Sometimes I take so much water onboard that I feel like one of those little planes that picks up water in lakes to put out bush fires!I always pray that PP isn’t late for his session because, for obvious reasons, I am dying for a pee! He likes me dressed in typical 50’s American housewife clothes. Little blouse and power-pink cardi, and a wide, ankle-length skirt, with bobby socks and little flat shoes. I have a pink hair-band to finish off the look. Kind of Stepford Wife meets Doris Day!The moment PP arrives, we head straight for my bathroom (Thank god, as I am des-per-rate!). PP quickly peels off his suit to reveal a fetching bra and knicker set, in a pastel blue. He looks soo cute! He climbs into the bath in seconds and I jump up and stand with my legs apart balancing on the sides.Please pee on me Marilyn (I know, I know!), he begs. Thank god he asked. I quickly hitch up my dress and underskirt and reach down to my crotch. PP likes to see me weeing through my knickers so they stay in place. I’ve worn cute little designer ones as I know he loves those best.With a sign of relief the wee starts to flow, and drips onto a smiling PP. He likes to drink some and then lets the rest splash around his little peeney. His cock is as hard as a diamond cutter by now, as the water continues to flow from my relieved little fou-fou. He grabs his willy and within seconds is shooting greats jets of cum into the air, narrowing missing my soaking undercarriage!Then it’s time for a shower and a clean up for us both. That’s not the end though. I begin my vast water consumption again for a second round, to be performed at the end of his two-hour session.  This time, I do it dressed in stockings and suspenders. No knickers. It just pours out of me and splashes onto grateful PP.We have a lovely time. Please email me if you want to do the same! But remember I need an hour or two to take the water on board!

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