The French Connection

Bonjour mon amis! I’ve just returned on the Eurostar from beautiful Paris. I just lurrvvee that City. It really is the most beautiful place. 
I went to see the cutest little sissi boy. Philippe. He makes the most gorgeous lady. He’s very feminine to begin with, and small for a guy. He’s also very trim so he can wear size 12 dresses. He’s so easy to buy for.
He likes ultra feminine stuff and he always buys the best. By the time I arrived at his suite in the George V (theee most wonderful hotel) he was already dressed in the prettiest little dress. He’s gone to a lot of trouble to buy Lejaby undies too which really suited him. He’s just the best tucker I have ever seen. No sign of his dick at all. Honestly, you would never know he was a man once I’d done his make-up. (Bobby Brown and Charlotte Tilbury if you want to know!)
It was almost a shame to have to ruin the look with what he wanted next. But Mistress must be Mistress. Within moments. I’d handcuffed poor Phillipa to the leg of the bed. She was stranded on the floor shouting for help. This is her fantasy, she loves to be a naughty lesbo who needs to be punished. 
I need to be punished Mistress, she screamed. In a move that almost broke by feminine heart, I pulled out my big pair of scissors and cut her dress right off her. 300 Euros fucked! It almost made me cry.
By now Philippa was screaming to be whipped. I toyed with her. gently teasing her nipples with my whip. They went sooo hard! Please Mistress she begged, don’t hurt me. Thwack! I hit her with the whip – after all, that’s what she really wanted! I cut off her knickers and all that amazing tucking stuff gave way. Phlippa’s dick flew out, hard as a rock.
You disgusting creature, I yelled, and whipped her cock so that if bent backwards! I teased her bloated little organ with the top of a whip and then before she could say anything, I tied her balls up with her ripped knickers and released her hands.
Pauvre Phlippa grabbed her cock in desperation. She was moments from blowing so I flexed my favourite cane and just rubbed it up and down her willy. It didn’t take long and she came with a great big sigh and a slight muttering of thanks.
How I fucking love my job. Satisfaction guaranteed. Merci encore Philippe!

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