At the Dorchester with Sebastian Hoe

Oh god, I bloody love The Dorchester Hotel. Such a beautiful place and it happens to be my slave Sebastian’s home from home when he’s in London. 

Seb – he hates me calling him that, so that’s fine – always books one of the beautiful suits overlooking Hyde Park. He loves to stare out of the window reciting his favourite poets, as I drill his bum with his fave butt plug.

He has such wonderful manners does Seb. He’s a true English gentleman. When he opened the door to his suite, I saw a spot of dirt on the floor. You filthy bastard, I shouted, clean that up! In his gorgeously posh old Etonian voice he begged my apologies and then lay down on the floor over the dirt. I walked over him in my new heels and he coughed his delighted.

“Speak when you’re spoken too wretch,” I screamed, before giving him a sharp kick in the nuts. He loves ball torture.

Seb had prepared his suite. His PVC all-in-one suit and his shiny new gimp mask were neatly laid out on the bed. He had the whole lot specially made for him in Italy. Zips all over the suit to give mistress access to his bits.

I went for a wee while he got dressed. Such a wonderfully classy bathroom. I took off all my day clothes and reached in my bag for my mistress gear. The only clothes I kept on were my knickers. Seb loves me to ram them into his mouth while he’s having his, ahem, treatment, and he loves them to smell of me.

The moment I stepped outside, Seb waddled up to me. He was mubbling something, but because of his gimp mask I couldn’t understand a fucking thing! I kicked his engorged bollocks to register my disapproval. I think he screamed in pain.. Who knows!

The next moment, Seb hobbled over to the balcony and began reciting a bit of Keats. He slighly unzipped the hatch at the back of his pants and it was pretty obvious what he wanted. The naughty boy had already lubed his bumhole to the plug slipped right in – to the hilt! He screamed in delighted – I think!

I quickly unzipped his front flap and his bloated cock sprang out. I deftly slipped a rod down his little Jap’s Eye. He bellowed his delight. He slumped on his bed and I cuffed him to the headboard.

As he moaned in delight, I threatened to call room service and expose his naughty little secret to the world. He begged me not too (I’d opened his mouth zip by then!)

I picked up the phone and began to dial.  No, no , he screamed please don’t. Hello Room service said the voice at the other end. Hello, yes, please send a boy to clear the dirty plates please. Good bye. (all done in my poshest voice!)

Poor Seb started thrashing about. Let me go, help!  I flicked his cock with my whip and walked out of the room….

By the time I opened the door again, Seb was wanking like a madman. You fucking bitch mistress. Wank wank. You are such a cow. Wank wank. Shut up Sebastian I shouted and he came, great big streams of his man juice flying over the expensive cotton sheets.

Another satisfied customer. Such fun. Then it was off to the Ritz…

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